So Good to Me

Orientation for the IHOP-NW internship was today.

All I have to say is, have you ever walked into a room of about 20 strangers and known that you were among family?

Yeah. It’s like that.

I start ‘working’ tomorrow. These next three months are going to be awesome.

He picked me up and He turned me around and He placed my feet on the solid ground, Hallelujah!
(Oh, oh oh oh, yeah!)
(Oh, oh oh oh, yeah!)

PS: What, you have no love in your heart for the magical world of puppetry?


2 thoughts on “So Good to Me

  1. Rebecca C says:

    So happy you’re getting to start at IHOP, Sarah.
    PS. I have tons of love in my heart for the magic of puppetry! While the puppets are cooler and the videography is better (read: exists!), this reminds me of puppets praising God that I was involved in about a thousand years ago:!/photo.php?pid=305980&id=1440318413&ref=fbx_album

  2. Rebecca C says:

    Sarah! That link didn’t work right. Delete the comment and I’ll send you the photo directly. Meanwhile, happy that you’re at IHOP.

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