A Little Crazy for Jesus

I searched Youtube for ‘Crazy Jesus Dance’ and this was one of the top results. (The top result, BTW, was OK GO’s ‘Here It Goes Again’ treadmill video… and while watching it is definitely a spiritual experience, I don’t know how Jesus got invited to that party…)


You don’t need to watch that video all the way through – though I think it’s hilarious – but please take note, if I were one of the kids performing the dance, I would definitely be the little boy in green shorts who’s scratching his nose and pretending he’s not with the group. “I just, uhh, stumbled up here by accident… I don’t know any of these guys…”

Although my other favorite kid would have to be the one who spontaneously started break-dancing in the middle of the song. While everyone else’s enthusiam was about a 3, his was cranked up to 11.

Why the Crazy Jesus Dance, you say?

Tonight at IHOP one of the worship songs we sang had the bridge, “We will walk in your freedom/We will walk in your liberty/We will dance in your freedom/We will dance in your liberty.”

And of course, in the spirit of things, some of the male interns started do-si-do-ing in the corner.

Aw right.

It was stinking hilarious and you couldn’t help but get caught up in the joy of the moment. God’s presence was moving among us and we were all bubbling over with laughter and dancing… a bunch of the girl interns went and started doing their own awesome dance-thing in another corner. It was amazing!

And that’s what I think Christianity should be. Gettin’ a little crazy for Jesus. Dancing around and laughing and basking in His love.

That’s what I think of instead of leatherbound hymnals and rich mahogany pews.

I think of joy. After all, Jesus is the source of all true joy.

Thinkin’ about gettin’ a little crazy for Jesus?


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