Nothing in this post is original. I just saw something really fantastic on Carlos Whittaker’s blog, Ragamuffin Soul, today.

It’s a creative writing exercise. You look at the photo above and are supposed to write a seven word response (and only seven – no going over or under) encapsulating what you feel when you see that picture.

Mostly, people wrote things like

‘What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger,’

‘There is much beauty in her strength,’

‘You can’t stop this. Shut your mouth,’ and

‘Much has changed.. sadly much has not.’

Here are some that really spoke to me:

‘I wonder where we do the same.’

‘We will all worship together in heaven.’

‘I am no better than anyone else.’

‘Without love, I’m like a clanging cymbal.’

‘I am so sorry… that was me.’

This was my personal favorite:

‘Glad nobody’s immortalized my stupidity on film.’


Interestingly enough, there is a picture of this woman and the woman screaming directly behind her in an embrace. It hangs up in the student union of Indiana University. It was taken only a few years ago
Hate got lost in love.

Any thoughts?


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