And He Heard My Cry

I sought the Lord, and He heard me!

I sought the Lord, and He heard my cry,


And He answered me..


Faithful, You’re always faithful; true, You’re always true.

You never leave me, You’re always with me –


You’re good!

You’re good!


I thought at one point in time that I knew what God had for me.


Now I know that God’s plans are not my plans.


It was a really hard lesson – it hurt so badly to realize that I was following my own selfish ambition and slapping the label of ‘the will of God’ on it.


I’m much more hesitant to move now.


Despite this, I had the growing sensation at the beginning of the summer that God was telling me to get moving – but at the time, I had no idea where.


I have more to say on the subject. However, I want to leave this post as a reminder to actually be still and know that God is God.


And that is that.


You’ll never leave me;

You’re always with me.


You’re good!

You’re good!


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