He Brought Me To His Banqueting Table


We can feel the love of God in this place
We believe your goodness
We receive your grace
We delight ourselves at your table oh God
You do all things well, just look at our lives

His banner over you, his banner over me
His banner over us, it is love, love, love


Lord, my problems seem so big. The world’s problems seem so much bigger

But when I have $30,000 problems, You are not a $29,000 God. You have all the wealth and all the power and all the glory. You own the cattle on the thousand bajillion hills. You are in control.

God, take care of me. I want to spend my life worshipping You and bringing people to the saving knowledge of You, but I can’t even do that on my own.

Here’s my life. Use it for Your glory. Use it the way You know will work out for the greatest amount of glory for You.

Redeem the world, God – save us. Save us. Jesus, save.

Jesus, save.

I give You everything, Lord.

All I want is to seek Your face and pursue You. All I want is to be with You where You are. All I want is to do what You want me to do. All I want is to do what You’ve designed me to do. All I want is to do what You want me to do so that others might come to know You and love You the way I love You.

Because I do love You. In my own feeble way.

I love You, Jesus. You are worthy of all of my praise and all of my love and all of my everything.

That’s why I want to give everything to You.

You are good, and Your mercy endures forever.


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