More than Many Sparrows

You’re a good, good Father

And You love Your children

Slow to anger, abounding in love

You are so, so gracious – also merciful

How You love, how You love us all.

I’ve been thinking about worry lately. Worrying about it, actually. That I worry too much and ask too much and need too much. I think I’ve had an unconscious fear that either my need is too great for God or that my need exceeds God’s patience. Something like that.

But that kind of fear belies a belief in too small a god.

If me and my needs are too big for God, then that god is too small. And if I were frustrating God with my constant badgering Him for things, then again, I would have too small a god.

Max Lucado, in his book Fearless, wrote, “God meets daily needs daily. Not weekly or annually. He will give you what you need when it is needed. ‘Let us therefore boldly approach the throne of our gracious God, where we may recieve mercy and in His grace find timely help’ (Hebrews 4:16 NEB).”

What does this mean? God knows that I’m human. He knew what He was getting into when He called me, and He loves me just the same. I wasn’t created to live without Him. I was created to live dependent on Him, on His love, grace, and forgiveness. I was created to rely on Him for my every need, from the breath in my lungs to the complexities of everyday life.

He doesn’t begrudge me my needs. He loves that it draws me closer and closer to Him.

And I love that I don’t have to fret at the door of the throne room, holding a ragged list and vainly hoping that the king is in a good mood today.

I love that I can come directly to the throne, crawl up on my Daddy’s lap, and whisper my thanks to Him for what He’s already done – and what He continues to do.

God, teach me who You are. Show me who You really are. Thank You so much for this small revelation that You’ve given me. Thank You for Your goodness and Your patience and Your faithfulness. You are so faithful to me in everything big and small. Thank You that You are good and that Your mercies are new every morning. Help me to have patience for Your timing and provision. Help me to live a life of discipline and temperance. I want to fall more and more in love with You. You are so good.


Not so in haste, my heart!

Have faith in God and wait;

Although He linger long,

He never comes too late.

He never comes too late;

He knoweth what is best;

Vex not thyself in vain;

Until He cometh, rest.

Until He cometh, rest;

Nor grudge the hours that roll;

The feet that wait for God

Are soonest at the goal.


Are soonest at the goal;

That is not gained with speed;

Then hold thee still, my heart,

For I shall wait His lead.


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