Take a Deep Breath and Jump…

Sometimes it takes the view off the edge of the cliff for me to realize how powerless I am, how very dependent I am on God. I know that I’m about to leap off the cliff in a few short weeks. At the moment, here in Kingston I can rely on my family and church and friends to support me and affirm me and be a landing pad for me.

Once I head to Texas, I’m completely dependent on God for everything. It’s an exhilarating, terrifying journey of faith. But God has brought me through this year triumphant, and when I look back, I gain the perspective I need in order to move forward.

So here’s a brief year in review:

In 2011 I had an incredible year of learning – life learning, spiritual learning, relational learning, and vocational and educational and physical and emotional…. I stand back and am stunned. Stunned. Stunned.

Who am I that God would bless me with this year?

God provided me with a job, where from January to June I worked at Tim Hortons, spending half my time working the day shift and the other the night shift.

From my wages and the incredible support of church, friends, and family, I travelled to Nepal and India on a life-changing, eye opening mission trip. God empowered and enabled my team and I to minister to over 20,000 people and see nearly 5,000 salvations and dozens of healings. I’m overwhelmed by the friends I made in other countries and the things God revealed to me on the trip.

Who am I? Who am I that God would bless me with the privilege to go and preach the gospel?

Immediately after the trip,  it was as though God whispered to me, “Come here. I’m not finished with you yet. You think I’ve blessed you so far? You haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until you see what I have for you next.”

Three weeks after I returned, my wonderful brother John married my beautiful, kind, talented sister-in-law, Cassandra.

Two days after that, I boarded a plane bound for Texas, where God fulfilled a dream I’d had for five years as I began to attend the Honor Academy.

These past few months, I’ve worked in the Global Expeditions call center; recruiting, enabling, equipping  and preparing adults to serve as leaders on mission trips. My call team set some ground-breaking all-time records for GE Leadership Development and put on the December 3 Garden Valley TrueNorth Leadership Seminar, which 74 leaders attended (up from 55 last year).

I took eight classes ranging from Ethics and Leadership to Old Testament Survey to Portfolio Papers to Women’s Growth. Through some newfound determination and studying, I earned a 3.75 GPA.

I’ve also had the opportunity to live with three other girls (Sherry Leung, Tika Storm, and Coco Lozano) who have encouraged me, prayed for me, and challenged me in my walk with God; who have taught me about living in community, about compromise and love and FUN. I met my wonderful Accountability Partner, Amber Leyba, as well as the rest of the girls in my Core – Ashley Favichia, Sarah Tapp, and Christiean Guittierez. I’ve learned so much from each and every one of these women. We’re very different people, but each of them are so beautiful and their lives show me something entirely different about God. I simply love them.

I’ve been mentored and challenged by my Core Advisor, Abigail Lopez, and have gained much wisdom and insight from my brother Core Advisor, Dominic Zimmerman. My Honor Academy brothers have taught me the difference between boys and men – these Men of God have challenged my view of men and encourage me with their lifestyle to be a better, stronger woman of God.

I also served in the Shattered Clay theatre ministry, where as a whole we put on five performances (four short skits for the Week of the Ring and one Christmas play). I worked with Jake Audette and Kate McClain on the Shattered Clay Writing Team to nearly complete plotting the spring play. We still have far to go, but I’m really excited to keep working on it until it’s excellent!

It’s been an incredible four months so far, and though a lot of what has happened has happened through hard work, God enables me to do what I’ve been doing. If it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t have been able to make any of my financial deadlines. If it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to step out in faith and leave Canada for Texas. If  it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t have gone to Nepal and India this summer and heard about the opportunity to come to the Honor Academy. If it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t have gotten my job or moved to Ontario or anything. In Him, through Him, and to Him, I live and move and breathe.

Looking back at where I’ve come, looking back at what He has brought me through, I have courage to pick up the pace and start running towards the edge of the cliff. I know that He will catch me when I fall, or He will teach me how to fly.

Thinking back, I am so incredibly blessed to be where I am.

Looking forward, I’m so excited for what God has for me in this next year.

I can only wait and see.

I’m holding my breath… and diving in.

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