Wanting; Needing; Learning

Not very well-organized thoughts today.

I think it’s interesting that in the three-odd weeks since I started attending a small group that my spiritual gifts are being revealed to me by profoundly unspiritual sources.

I’m learning that my heart motivations and giftings lie in a desire to help people, in empathy and mercy and teaching. I come alive when my ability meets the need of another.

I’m learning that I have been avoiding facebook because scrolling through my timeline makes me feel like I am making no difference or impact for God.

I’m learning how good it feels to be genuinely wanted, valued. To provide some physical and tangible service to another person or ministry.

I’m learning how painful it is to be forgotten.

Some days I feel like a wrung out sponge left to get all crusty on the counter behind the dish soap. Too much squeezed out and not enough flowing in.

a n d   y e t  .

{ i need you now, Lord. }


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