It brings me some small degree of amusement that by the time that I remember my password I have exceeded the daily login attempts. It takes about that long.

Let’s review. Today on the productivity scale was fairly good. I managed about maybe 7 chapters in Matthew and 8 in Mark. Missed the morning brunch due to poor planning, but I spent that time at home preparing for the day and engaging my heart. Spent some quality time with some girls in small group despite missing out on studying. Did well on a quiz and took forever to get home. Shut my brain off for a few hours on the bus and at home. Didn’t do much around the house but I did dig in and review 3.5 chapters in economics. 

I got stuff done. More than I have in prior days. So why do I still have a blehness in my spirit? This is the part where I realize that it is dehydration. I can check as many things off on my list as possible and without God it will all be vanity. More than reading, more than singing, more than consciously shutting my brain off. I need to dig in with God. And that requires a bit more intentionality than I’ve been offering in these few weeks.

Where do I want to grow? Down. Deep. To root myself in Christ that I might whether every storm. It won’t always be rainy season. Drought will come, and I need those hundred-year roots in order to reach the living water that flows deep within. 

The question becomes, how do I manage that?

We’re going to start with this consistency thing and go from there. 


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