je serais quelqu’un un jour. attends et vois.

Trying to write some sort of ‘about’ page is the equivalent of flipping to the middle of a mystery novel and saying – ‘There, this person is the hero, this is the villain, this is how everything will work out in the end.”

But I figured that I should probably put some sort of information up on this because I looked at my stats from the last year and realized that sometimes, people actually do read this blog. Figured that I might as well offer some perspective as to who is the person behind this mass of blue.

I don’t always know where I’m going. I know where I’ve been, and I know Who is with me, directing every step of my journey.

Based on what I’ve gathered so far, here is a little about me:

I’m a compulsive wanderer. I’m in love with the world and the tragic beauty of its inhabitants. I suffer from a chronic broken heart for the lost, and an intermittent paralyzing fear that can cripples me into a state of atrophy. Sometimes my broken heart becomes too painful to bar and instead of taking it to my Healer, I retreat and try to numb the pain on my own.

But then… I curl up in my Daddy’s lap and listen to His healing words. He gives me the boldness of a lioness and the wings of an eagle.

And I soar…

I have a codependant relationship with coffee. It’s probably unhealthy. And I love it.

Breakfast foods are my favourite. Extravagant, wonderful breakfasts make me smile. It helps that I work the night shift, so on my days off, by the time my internal clock says that it’s dinnertime, the sun is rising and I can put some effort into whipping up something delicious.

I adore C.S. Lewis – his non-fiction as well as fiction. I also enjoy a good missionary biography and books that are challenging, whether in diction or in subject matter. I can inhale works of fiction, so I try to limit my consumption of that lest I quickly spoil my appetite for anything but junk fiction.

I learned to braid at age 20. Late blooming, eh?

I work as a travel concierge full-time. Sometimes it can be saddening to see what people spend their time and money on when they have the resources my missionary friends only dream of. Other times I get to be a part of doing really cool things and learning about how wonderful this world really is.

Tenth Avenue North and David Crowder Band. I loves them.

I work with some of the greatest kids out there. I spend my weekends with these people and try to show these kids with my life that Jesus passionately pursues them and that He has wonderful, magnificent dreams for them. When I get confused as to why I am here, right now, in this city, I have to remind myself that the same is true for me.

I write. Adventures and swashbuckling tales and purpose and danger and death and blood and sweat and tears – and life, amongst it all. I believe that there is a story to all our lives, so writing stories reflects the intentionality of my Creator.

I keep my very favouritest spam comments in the filter as a secret shrine. They make me giggle. Maybe I’ll post them one day and share the joy.

If I were more focused or choleric or something of that, I would have a plan, a vision and a mission for this blog. But my sanguine side says, no. So this will be very spontaneous and reflect my given state of ming. It might be messy. It will always be honest. It might involve pictures of cats or quotes off Pinterest or short blurbs with no follow-up. I might start without finishing and I might finish without starting. Who knows? It’s all an adventure, really.

That’s a quick snapshot of me. It’s not much, but there is so much more to come.


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