Real Street

(What follows is a huge dump of what’s been on my brain these past like 10 days and lurking for five months before that. Detour down heartbreakingly Real Street. And followed by a huge image dump. Post shortened for convenience.)

Sometimes I look at all the things I say I want to do and get overwhelmed by how very


very much I don’t even measure up to my own standard. Let alone God’s.

Grace, come find me in my moment of need. I feel like a failure sometimes (read: often) and though I know all-too well how very much is demanded of me, I can’t help but try to push those thoughts from my mind because I’m afraid of failure, of what other people think of me, of living at my full potential.

God help me, I am so afraid. I know what I’m called to and when I think about it my heart soars.. but when I see how little I have now and how much I fail with this little scrap I’ve been entrusted with.. my hopes come crashing down to earth once more. Continue reading

What is this 30Days thing?

30Days for Discipline is my challenge started just because.

30Days is about not putting off until tomorrow the change I want today.

30Days is about pressing into God anew each morning and sharing about it at night.

30Days is about YOU. It’s about ME. It’s about NOW.

Because why not?

In the spirit of People of the Second Chance’s NoQuitMonday, here’s some inspirational typographical eyecandy.

BAM! Don’t quit. Discipline starts when the fun stops.